Padmini Ekadashi Vrat

Padmini Ekadashi Vrat, Padmini Ekadashi Vrat vidhi, significance of Padmini Ekadashi Vrat, how to do Padmini Ekadashi Vrat?

According to the Hindu traditional calendar, in the month of Malmasa or Purushotam Maas (Adhimasa) occurring Ekadashi is known as the Padmini Ekadashi. It is to be noted that this particular month doesn’t include any Surya Sankranti is known as Adhi Masa or Mal Maas. Lord Shiva is worshipped in the whole of Mal maasa.

It is strongly believed by the Hindus that No auspicious work or personal or professional activities should be performed for success in this particular month.

Among the Hindu there is an ancient tradition of worshiping Lord Shiva in the form of Ashiva imcarnation of the Lord. During the whole month of Adhi and on the day of Padmini Ekadashi offers water, flowers, Bel-leaves and Datura to Shiva Linga is offered water, Bel-leaves, Datura and flowers. Padmini Ekadashi has much religious and social important among the Hindus. It is mainly because this Ekadashi occurs once in every year.

The devotees also indulge in the Puja of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. They also worship Radha-Krishna during the whole month and on the day of Ekadashi.

According to the Vedic texts and scriptures, a devotee should perform full day fasting on Padmini Ekadashi. Moreover being Jagran or awake in the night is really important on this particular day.

On the other hand, the devotees who are observing this fast should hear the story of fasting on this day. Most of the devotees visit the nearest Lord Shiva temple and conduct special prayer, rituals and homams on this particular day.

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