Navratri in Goa – Dashamatrika Puja

Navratri Puja in Goa is celebrated in unique style. Unlike other parts of India, Dashamatrikas (the 10 sisters of Goa) are worshipped during 9-nights of Navratri festival. In 2014, Navratri dates: September 25th to October 3rd.

The list of Dashamatrikas include: Shantadurga, Aryadurga, Mahalasa, Katyayani, Mahamaya, Kamakshi, Vijayadurga, Bhumika, Mahalakshmi and Navadurga.

In some other books, the order of the goddesses isĀ mentionedĀ as: Bhumika, Sateri, Navdurga, Bhagvati, Kalika, Mahamaya, Shantadurga and so on. All these forms are related with the earth mother goddess.

Navratri begins with Ghatsthapana, installing a Copper pitcher covered with clay in which nine varieties of food grains are sown. This Kalasha is put in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

Devotees throng the temple to have the special darshan of Goddesses during Navratri which is called Kaul Prasad.

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