Navarathri at Mangalore Mangaladevi Temple

Mangalore Mangaladevi Temple in Karnataka is one of the jubilant Navarathri celebrations in India. In 2017, Navarathri at Mahathobhara Shri Mangaladevi Temple begins on 21 September and will end on September 30.

During Lalitha Panchami, Mahanavami Rathotsava and Vijayadashami Vidyarambha rituals, a large number of devotees throng the temple and offer their worship to the Goddess.

This year, Lalitha Panchami is on 25 September while Mahanavami, Chandika Yaga, Ranga Pooja and Rathotsava will be held on September 29. Vidyarambha ritual will be held on Vijayadashami, 30 September 2017.

Avabrutha Mangala Snana and Sathyanarayana Pooja will be held on September 31 and 1 October respectively.

Mangaladevi Temple is the presiding deity of Mangalore city. The name of Mangalore is usually derived from the name of the Goddess, Mangaladevi. The temple was built in 9th century by famous Ahepa dynasty’s King Kundavarma who ruled Tulu Nadu.

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