Nala, Architect of Rama Satu (Bridge between Rameshwaram & Lanka)

As per Ramayana, Nala was the son of Vishwakarma and is a vanara, and he is considered to be the ancient civil engineer towards building the Rama Setu, a bridge across the ocean between Rameswaram and Lanka, in order to make the forces of Rama to easily reach to Lanka. The bridge is also called as ‘Nala Setu’, the bridge of Nala. He also took the help of another vanara Nila in building the bridge.

Nala is mentioned as the great architect of the vanaras. Nala is also said to have fought with the army troops and killed many warriors of the Ravana’s army.

The Ananda Ramayana says that Rama worships nine stones installed by Nala as the Navagraha deities before commencing the bridge. Nala also created shelters for the army of Rama in Lanka.

Let us worship the divine architect and be blessed.

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