Mohini Puja, Worshipping the Female Avatar of Lord Vishnu

mohini avatar of Lord Vishnu

mohini avatar of Lord Vishnu

Throughout Indian culture, Mohini- the only female avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshipped.  This particular Lord is primarily worshipped in Western India by the Hindu devotees and pilgrims. There are shrines that are dedicated to Mohini in various parts of western India and rest of India. The local legends treat this particular Lord as a regional avatar of Lord Shiva.

In several shrines she is depicted as Mahalasa and her consort is Khandoba. It is to be noted that khandoba is called as Mhalasakant because the second wife of Lord Khandoba is named as Mahalasa who is from Newasabk. It is to be remembered that Mohiniraj Mandir is located in Nevasa where this particular avatar of Lord Vishnu beheaded Ketu and Rahu while in the process of distribution of nectar.

A grand Ustav of Shri Mohiniraja is celebrated in this shrine every year in the month of Magha poornima. This festival is conducted in remembrance of Lord Vishnu’s named Mohini Avatar after Samudra manthan.

In Ahmednagar, there is an elegantly designed Mohiniraj mandir that is largely dedicated to Lord Vishnu. In 1773, the new structure of this shrine was constructed Lakhs by Gangadhar Yashwant Chandrachude at a cost of about Rs. 5.  All over with beautiful and attractive ornamental work the 75 feet tall and large temple complex is decorated.  Locally known as Lord Vishnu the shrine houses an image of beautiful and attractive Mohiniraj. There are also separate shrines for many images of other gods and goddesses like Shiv – Parvati, Ganesh, Hanuman Ji and Shani.

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