Meaning of Navratri Colours (Significance)

Goddess Durga

Goddess Durga

What is the Meaning of Navratri Colours (Why Nine Colors of dresses during Navratri)? In Maharashtra and Gujarat, it is common tradition that nine colours of sarees or dresses are worn by performers during Navratri festival.

What is the reason behind it?

This is believed that each colour of Navratri represents a particular ‘Guna’ or character of the Devi of that day. Based on the order of the Goddesses worshipped during Navratri, the order of the colors also change.

And according to some other sources, the color of the day is decided on the weekday. Each weekday is ruled by one the planets or Navgrahas and accordingly colors are assigned to each day.

According to some sources – the Color and the Goddess it represent..

Grey color – Maha Kali or Bhairavi

Orange – Goddess Chamunda

White – Goddess Parvati

Red – Durga

Sky Blue – Bhuvaneshwari

Deep Blue – Narayani

Royal Blue – Renuka Devi

Yellow – Saraswati

Green – Jagadamba

Parrot Green – Goddess Amba

Purple – Kushmanda

First day of Navratri

Second day of Navratri

Third day of Navratri

Fourth day of Navratri

Fifth day of Navratri

Sixth day of Navratri

Seventh day of Navratri

Eighth day of Navratri

Ninth day of Navratri

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