Lunar Eclipse on 26 June 2010 – In which countries the eclipse is visible

Lunar Eclipse on June 26, 2010 (Pakshik Chandra Grahan) will be visible in a large portion of western North and South America in the beginning phases of the partial lunar eclipse. Some areas of South Eastern United States will also able to view the partial lunar eclipse. On June 26 2010, Georgia to the north of Minnesota will fall in the eclipse viewing area. The beginning of the lunar eclipse will also visible in Western Brazil, Estern Venezuela, and some South American countries. North East India will also watch partial lunar eclipse at the moonrise on June 26, 2010.

The entire partial lunar eclipse will be visible in Pacific Islands such as Hawaii, Polynesia, Fiji, the Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Japan and the Philippines.

Eastern China, the East Coast of Russia, Indonesia, Thailand will view the end of the partial lunar eclipse. The umbral lunar eclipse will begin at 3:16 am PDT in west coast of the United States and ends at 6 am PDT.

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