Lord Veerabhadra Swamy

Lord Veerabhadra Swamy

Lord Veerabhadra Swamy

Lord Veerabhadra is said to be a creation of Lord Shiva. It is believed that the personification of Lord Shiva’s power is none other than Veerabhadra. Even Lord Vishnu is not the match for Veerabhadra in the war field. Such is the power of Lord Shiva, according to the epics.

In the same way, when Lord Vishnu is in the form of Lord Narasimha, Lord Shiva feared to come in front of him. It implies that the Ferocious forms of two equal Powers are matchless, as evident in the Epics. Veerabhadra’s existence is featured in the Dakshayagnam, the event planned by Daksha to insult Lord Shiva.

Dakshayani is the incarnation of Goddess Shakti, desiring to marry Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had created Veerabhadra, to destroy Daksha and his army, when Dakshayani, had tried to stop his father Dakhsa from performing Dakshayagnam. Ferocious Daksha ignored Dakshayani and continued performing the Yaga to insult and abuse Lord Shiva.

Being intolerant by this, Goddess Parvati left the form of Dakshayani by entering into the sacred fire of Yaga, thus becoming ashes. Lord Shiva then sent Veerabhadra to destroy each and every one coming on the way to demolish Daksha. Following Lord Shiva’s rules, Veerabhadra has finally cut down Daksha’s head. Nobody had a control over Veerabhadra and everyone was terrified by his anger and violence.

Lord Vishnu and all the other Gods pleaded Lord Shiva to withdraw his extraordinary power, which is in the form of Veerabhadra. Lord Shiva then calmed down and granted peace. He returned Daksha to his life and married Goddess Shakti later in the other form, Parvati.

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  1. Shrikanth says:

    Fear to MahaMrityunjay Shiv ????? when lord narayan and other gods came to Kailash and pleaded Shiva to drink poison to save them. There was neither fear to him nor wish to live, because ‘sarvam shivam’ everything is shiva.

    How could he bow down to his own created attributes (fear etc)? (for answer plz refer nirvana shatakam by jagadguru shankaracharya).

    Rudra an aspect of Shiva is himself called as destroyer of Fear how could he be feared to other gods? just think about it.

    Lets come to lord narasimha’s story, when he could not be pacified after killing demon king hiranyakashyap the worlds inside lord narasimha was trembling (because lord narasimha is sarva vyapi)and this feared lord brahma and other gods but they couldnt do anything to stop this disaster because stopping or pacifying Lord narasimha is nothing but embracing death. Then Lord Brahma thought that god shiva is the only solution to this problem. Along with Brahma, all other gods prayed to god shiva to stop this disaster. Then Shiva pleased with prayers he took a (eagle-lion-man) form i.e ‘Great Sharabeshwara’ form who was shining with crores of suns brilliance and his roar was thousands of thunders in the sky. He came down to the place and put his foot in the footmarks of lord narasimha absorbed that ‘jwala or immeasurable heat’. Lord Narasimha with wrathful anger has not observed that the god who is confronting him is God Shiva, as a result he attacked lord sharabha, Lord Sharabha father of god trinity with his love towards his children embraced lord narasimha and pacified him and absorbed all the fire,fierce &angry. In this situation, the pacified narasimha has done prayer to Lord Sharabha with 1008 names (lord sharabeshwar sahastranam)which are popular to drive away evil and occult powers from the victim. Lord Sharabha pleased with this prayer and got pacified.

    Unfortunately, today no one knows this story, this story got crucified which shows evidences as well. There are temples of Lord Sharabeshwar Mahadev in India but few of them demolished in ages. This great story was lost in the time cycle by wicked people.

    om shri sharabeshwaraya namaha

  2. Shanay says:

    lord vishnu vs lord veerabhadra in the battle

  3. Haimi says:

    sree veerabhadra swamy lord mp3 songs free downlode