Lord Shiva & Lord Rudra relationship

It is to be highly noted that the Vedic god Rudra has several features that largely shares with Lord Shiva. In a number of Hindu traditions, these two Lords greatly shares same personality. In accordance with the element, Rudra represents as a fierce and destructive deity. Lord Rudra is regarded as the god of the roaring storm.

It is to be remembered that Rig Veda is the oldest surviving text of Hinduism that is dated back to 1700-1100 BC and largely based on philological and linguistic evidence. In the Rig Veda, the God named Lord Rudra is mainly mentioned.

Even in the present generation of Hinduism, Lord Shiva is addressed as Lord Rudra. It is to be noted that in Rig Veda 2.33, Lord Shiva is cited as the “Father of the Rudras” that means a group of storm gods. On the other hand, Rudram is one of the most holy hymns of Hinduism found both in the Yajur Vedas and in the Rig Vedas. As an epithet for Mitra, Agni and Indra many times the term Shiva is also used. It is to be remembered that the older god Rudra is not universally accepted as the identification of Lord Shiva.

The Rudra is known as “The Archer” therefore an essential attribute of Rudra is the arrow. In the Shiva Sahasranama, this particular name appears several times. It is to be noted that the word “Rudra” is directly derived from the Sanskrit language which means to Kill or to injure. Therefore the word “Rudra” largely means “One who can kill the forces of darkness”. The Lord is also locally known as Bāṇahasta that means “Armed with arrows in his hands”. The words direct meaning is “Archer”.

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