Lord Ram never prayed to Lord Shiva?



First things first. Lord Ram never prayed to Lord Shiva. Its a false inclusion in the later versions of Ramayana. Pls refer to the original text of Ramayana wirtten by Rishi Balmiki. There is no such mention of Ram praying to Lord Shiva any where. It is only later in later versions that this apwaad came up.

If any one reads the original text of Rig Veda, Yadur Veda, Syam Veda, Athar Veda properly without adding their own versions they will know that Its Krishna/ Vishnu who is the supreme personality of GOD Head and pls refer to Brahma Samita, in which Brahma is singing and offering prayers to Krishna, which dispels all ambiguity and settles it for once and for all. This is not vishnu puran it is mentioned in Brahma Puran.

Ishwara prama Krishna. Sat Chit anand vigrah annadir aadir govinda sarva karan karanam.

Lord Shiva in Shiv Puran tell Mata Parvati most explicitly answering to a question raised by her who do you keep praying and why do you need to do that you are the master of the universe. to which Lord Shiva replies He is not the original master, its a misnomer. He then tell Ma Parvati about Vishnu Tatva and tell her about Krishna.

The Shiva Followers should read the original text about the reason, Story and Philosophy behind the great Amarnath Yatra. Even Adi Shankracharya who is none other than the incarnation / Avtar pf Lord Shiva accepted and said very clearly that Lord Krishna/ Lord Vishnu is The Supreme and original personality of God Head he offers prayer to Krishna he sings and dances and tells stories of Krishna, which makes ma Parvati Amar just Like Shiva. He Tell ma Parvati about Lord Krishna / Lord Vishnu that only he is Poornamadah poornamidum poornatah poornam modichyate Poornasia poornam madiya poornameva vashishatie.

Lord Shiva himself tells Ma Parvati that I am taking birth as Hanuman to serve Lord Ram as this is my only objective in Life & existence to serve the Supreme personality of God head.

Now on Sharabha Raj avtar of Lord Shiva was to pacify Lord Narashima but he died the moment he got near him and thus assumed the original form of Lord Shiva. When everything failed then Praladh was asked to try and calm the Lord Narashima down because everything else had been tried. As praladh went near Lord Narashima he started singing Om Namho Bhagwate Vasudavwaye. Looking at his devotee only because of whom Lord Narashima avatar happened he cooled down and sat Praladh on his lap and became sad and cried for what he had to undergo. Pls guys read your religious texts properly at least. Its sad how people today have become sycophants and think that is being knowledgeable. The so called Liberals further only add to ignorance and stupidity coz for them discussions are not based on merit but on deluded pacification.

This article is a contribution by RISHI on 31 AUG 2012 in comments of Sharabha or Sharabheshwara Swamy, Avatar of Lord Shiva ….

Please not: This is the opinion of the contributor and not of Hindupad.com..

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  1. banumathi says:

    It’s so sad to read comments and opinions like this. If you think god is one and his mantra is love, you will never go for the topic which one is supreme. This disparity leads others to command our religion. This is how we came under British rule.To every child it’s mother is the best. In your mail, your and aversion on lord shiva was derperately and clearly seen and not not your faith on Lord Krishna. Why can’t you stress Hindus not to embrace Christianity or muslim. You con’t because your bhakthi has turned you to hate others not train you to love others.

  2. sunder says:

    Neither my left eye nor my right eye are good alone they are good only when see at a time. God is one.

  3. Balachander says:

    I hate to comment on this issue but I have been noticing that miscreants like this one is creating rift amongst the brahmin community. Please avoid these issues.

  4. Pratik says:

    who came first? Lord shiva or lord ram

  5. Rishit says:

    question asked by ma parwati to lord shiv in ramayan

  6. Subeer says:

    lord shiva and lord rama who came first

  7. Yogesh says:

    in shiv puran shiv told about ram to parvati

  8. Chairavali says:

    who came first lord rama and lord shiva

  9. Loknath says:

    why we do not pray shiv daughter ashok sundari

  10. veeresh says:

    In these days of mistrust among Hindus this article just adds more fuel into it. Hindus are facing many challenges of conversions from christian missionaries,deadly attacks by jehadi forces.it is time for hindus to be united.this article is highly un acceptable which creates mistrust between shaivas and vaishnavas.

  11. Shrikanth says:

    It is painful to see that the writer/founder of hindupad is posting ill-minded people’s comments and exhibiting as a main topic.