Lalbaug chawl to line floral shower for passing Ganpatis

During the Anant Chaturdashi day, the biggest Ganpatis will make a brief halt in order to receive a special floral tribute from the residents of a neighborhoods chawl that travel through Lalbaug en route to immersion.

It is to be noted that the residents of Sadanand Narvekar Niwas have been ceremoniously showering flowers for nearly 30 years, on each and every idol. It is to be remembered that this act is not done by hand but by the method of upturning a bucket that largely concealed inside a thermocol sculpture.

The residents from their second floor shower and cast a burst of petals, ‘durva’ and ‘gulal’ upon the deity. It is to be noted that Sadanand Niwas is located directly opposite the Lalbaugcha Raja mandal and along the arterial Babasaheb Ambedkar Road.  It is at this spot 27 years ago, the Seva Sadhana Pushpavrushti Utsav Mandal was formed.

An expert ‘moortikar’ in Srinivas Sawant is incharge of sculpting the thermocol statue and the skilled neighbourhood has an ideator in Satyavan Pandit. It is to be noted that it is operate the mechanism on D-day with 30-40 pairs of willing hands. The task of DJ for the event is given to a girl who is a resident of that area and who has good command over the Marathi language plus a pleasing voice to perform. The bucket filling with flowe task is undertaken by the children.

The DJ announces the arrival of Ganesh idol in their street and airs the happening in and around the street in a joyful manner.

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