Lakshmi Puja 2010 begins in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal

Lakshmi Puja (Kojagari Lakshmi Puja) in Kolkata and other parts of Bengal is celebrated on first Purnima or Full Moon day following the Durga Puja. But in other parts of India, Lakshmi Puja is celebrated on Diwali or during Kali Puja. Bengali Lakshmi Puja 2010 date is October 22. It is also celebrated as Kumar Purnima or Gajalakshmi Puja in Orissa.

Though, Lakshmi Puja is smaller in scale than the magnanimous Durga Puja festivities it is also celebrated in every Hindu family of Bengal. In some places it is also celebrated as Sarbajanik utsav.

Households decorate homes and pandals with alpanas or rangoli designs to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in grand manner. Footprints of Lakshmi Debi are also designed marking the arrival of the Goddess.

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