Lake Manasarovar’s association with Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva as Sarveswara

Lord Shiva as Sarveswara

There are different religion people who believe in Manasarovar Lake. In Hindu people, Manasarovar Lake is a very holy place. People believe that they can clean their sins of life and also believe that one who drinks the water from the lake will go to the heaven of Lord Shiva.

Lake Manasarovar is famed for its exceptional beauty. Its color changes from a clear blue around the shores to a deep emerald green in the center; it looks positively magical in the moonlight. The lake is 55 miles (88 km) in circumference, 330 feet (90m) deep, and 120 sq mi (320 sq km) in total area.

To give them a more suitable place to earn merit, Brahma created the beautiful Lake Mansarovar. In Buddhism, this place is famous because Lord Buddha stayed there mediated near this lake. The Buddha’s mother was transported here by the gods, where she bathed in the sacred waters of Manasarovar until her body was purified.In jain this lake is famous because Lord Rishabhdevji attained Moksh at Manasarovar Lake. According to Hindu religion, it is said that lake was created by Lord Brahma and then it was located on earth so it is combination of words manas (mind) and sarovara (lake). He had 12 sons, who were holy men and performed rituals and austerities on the dry land at the site.

Manasarovar Lake is combined source of four of the greatest rivers of Asia namely Brahmaputra, Karnali, Indus and Sutlej. It attracts thousands of tourists and religious people towards itself. Every year from various parts of the world, but mainly from India, Tibet and its neighboring countries. Many travel agencies have annual pilgrimage group tours to this place”. The journey around the lake is 64 miles long and usually takes four days. Many travelers manage tent by the lake for some days and they enjoy their tour of this holy lake. Thus, it is very religious importance for Manasarovar Lake.

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