Kratu Rishi | Maharshi Kratu

Kratu was an ancient rishi and the son of Lord Brahma, and also the son-in-law of Lord Daksha. His wife was Santhati. And she is a very pious and a holy woman and a dutiful wife. And through her, he got thousands of children. He is also mentioned in various puranas and also in several ancient texts.

It is believed that he was the foremost creation of Lord Brahma and still existing in the divine world. It is also believed that he is living in the Indra loka with great respect given by Lord Indra. He got great spiritual powers, and was very affectionate to his parents: Brahma and Saraswati. Whenever if finds time, he immediately visit and worship them in the Satyalok. He is also the brother of the divine saint Narada, and the Sanathkumaras.

Through his great meditation on Lord Vishnu, he got great super natural powers, and will always use his powers only for useful purpose. As per the instruction of his father Brahma, he got married and produced more number of children, in order to generate more number of people in the earth.

While Narada and SanathKumaras were refused to marry and produce child, he obeys his father’s instructions and carried out his orders. He can be compared to that of Parasurama, the divine avatar of Lord Vishnu, who satisfied his father’s wishes without asking any questions to him. In the present scenario, we cannot find such kind of Avatarapurushas like them. In this Kali Yuga, we may not be able to give proper respect to our parents in certain situations, and obey their orders and follow their instructions.

He is considered as a “GEM” among the sages, and was an expert in all kinds of art and contains great knowledge in Hindu scriptures. He is also talented in music and composing songs on Lord Vishnu.

Let us worship the great sage and be blessed.


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