Koothanoor Mahasaraswathy Temple in Tamil Nadu

Koothanur Saraswathi Temple

Koothanur Saraswathi Temple

The name of the god indicates about learning, which is only one temple in India. It is famous not only in local but people from all over Tamil Nadu and India comes daily to visit the temple.

Where the Temple is Located?

The temple is located in Tiruvarur district of Tamilnadu in the village of Koothanoor which is on the Mayiladuthurai- Tiruvarur state highway no 23. The yatris has to get down at bus stop called Poonthottam which 1 KM from the temple.

What the Temple is Famous for?

The Temple is famous for getting children in to schools. Before going for admission of their wards in schools the parents visit the temple for seeking blessing of the goddess saraswathy. They do an archna to goddess and place the pen which is the main tool for learning at the feet of saraswathy. The people believe that this will give their ward the blessing in continuing education. This is main point of the purpose of visiting the temple.

What are the Major Functions (Festivals) of the Temple?

Koothanoor Mahasaraswathy

As the temple name indicates that it is main god for learning daily special rituals conducted for the god .The main festival is sharadha Navaratri which comes in the month September or October is a major one. The festival is conducted as per Tamil almanac as per tradition. As the name Navaratri indicates the function is celebrated for nine with various alangaramas for goddess on each day. The temple will be flooded with people all over the temple on one side with a programme of carnatic music will be done on all nine days. The saraswathy pooja day will be special one with devotees themselves can do the archana by offering flowers at the feet of god with her veena and learning tool on her hands. This is main function of the temple.

What about the Visiting Time?

The temple will be open to darshanam on the below timings.

In the morning 6 AM to 1 PM

In the evening 4 pm to 9 pm.

KoothanurMahaSaraswathi Temple is a Hindu temple situated in Koothanur in the Tiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu. It is dedicated to Mata Saraswathi, the Hindu goddess of education. She is also called as “VIDYA DEVI” and “VIDYASARASWATHI”. Individual Temples dedicated to Saraswati are rarely found in India. This is the only individual temple in Tamil Nadu with Saraswathi as the main deity. Other popular saraswathi devi temples are situated in basara and wargal at telangana state. Priests will recite the slokas in Tamil. Saraswathi puja and Vijayadasami are the main festivals celebrated in the temple.

Koothanur MahaSaraswathi Seva Samithi provides accommodation which is available near the temple. A/C and Non A/C and dormitory rooms are available. Devotees can utilise this facility. Private Lodging and Boarding facilities are also available nearby the temple. Saraswati Mata is the goddess of education, and those who suffer from memory lapse and dullness can visit and worship this holy mother at the Koothanur Saraswathi Mata Temple, in order to correct their defects.

Ancient poets used to worship this holy mother, and due to that, they have shined in their lives. Saraswati Mata is an aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, and worshipping her is similar to worshipping Ma Shakti.

Let us worship her wholeheartedly in order to strengthen our lives.


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