Kashyapa Rishi | Sage Kashyap

Kashyapa is an ancient sage of Hinduism. He was one among the Saptarishis. His name is mentioned in various Puranas, Vedas, Upanishads and in ancient texts. He was the son of Sage Marichi.

Brahmins belonging to Kashyapa gotra were the descendents of Sage Kashyapa.

According to ancient Puranas, Kashyapa marries thirteen daughters of Daksha:

  • 1. Aditi
  • 2. Diti
  • 3. Kadru
  • 4. Danu
  • 5. Arishta
  • 6. Surasa
  • 7. Surabhi
  • 8. Vinata
  • 9. Tamra
  • 10. Krodhavasha
  • 11. Ira
  • 12. Vishva
  • 13. Muni

His sons were:-

  • 1. Vamana
  • 2. Takshaka
  • 3. Indra
  • 4. Surya
  • 5. Varuna
  • 6. Agni
  • 7. Garuda


He has also contributed some portions in the Rigveda. Kashyapa is mentioned as one of the earliest rishi in Hinduism. He is mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharatha as a great Maharishi, and contained abnormal powers through his devotion to god and spirituality. His name is also mentioned in Buddhist texts.

It is believed that Kashmir had got its name from the name of Kashyapa Maharishi.

Some of his contributions are as follows:-

  • 1. Kashyapa Samhita
  • 2. KashyapaJnanakandah
  • 3. Kasyapa dharmasutra
  • 4. Kasyapasangita
  • 5.Kasyapa silpa


Rishi Kashyapa is known to be father of major demigods, and was good in doing penance. He has got great spiritual powers. Through his creations, all the living forces exist. The great gods Surya and Agni were born through him, and giving light to us. He is the father of Lord Vamana, one of the most prominent avatars of Lord Vishnu. He is living in Sapta Rishi Mandala along with his wives. Let us pray to this Great Maharishi and be blessed.


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