Kanipakam Vinayagar Temple

kanipakam vinayaka swami

kanipakam vinayaka swami

Kanipakam Vinayagar Temple… Sri Varasidhi Vinayaka Swamy at Kanipakam is a special temple of Lord Vinayaka which is located in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh. The Kanipakam temple attracts lot of devotees due to the marvellous and miraculous idol present in the temple.

As per legend, once there lived three handicapped brothers, who dig a well in order to get water for their field. During the time of their digging process, blood began to come out from the well and thereafter all the three were got rid from their disabilities. The villagers came to know about this miraculous incident, and they went to the spot and found a self-emanated idol of Lord Ganesha. A temple was constructed during 11th century AD by King Kulothunga Chola, and subsequently it was further expanded by the Vijayanagar Kings.

Lord Vinayaka is the Chief deity of the temple. The temple is controlled by Andhra Pradesh Government, and they manage it properly by appointing board of trustees. Annual brahmotsavams would be celebrated for 21 days starting from Vinayaka chaturthi festival day. The Utsava idol of Lord Vinayaka would be taken out for a procession on different, different Vahanams during these days, and large number of pilgrims used to witness the excellent event. Devotees are offered food during noon, and we can also take part in this sacred event by paying the prescribed amount to the temple office.

There is a famous Telugu Saying, “Akkam Pakkam Parkathe Nam Kanipakkam Vinayagarai Mattum Parthal Podhum”.

Meaning: Don’t see here and there. Just witness our Vinayaka of Kanipakkam.

Kanipakkam Vinayaga is the giver of boons, fulfiller of wishes and remover of our obstacles. This temple is regarded as one of the self-emanated ones in South India, and hence, let us visit Kanipakkam Temple, in order to offer our humble salutations to the elephant faced god, Lord Vinayaka.

I pray to the first god, Ekadanta(Lord Vinayaka) who is the beloved son of Lord Shiva,
Whose beauty cannot be described by the ordinary humans, and he is the one, who is capable of protecting us from dangers.


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