Kamika Ekadasi – Shravana Krishna Paksha Ekadashi

Kamika Ekadasi is observed on Krishna Paksha Ekadasi in Shravan maas (July – August). Kamika Ekadasi 2013 date is August 2. As per the Brahma-Vaivarta Purana, Lord Brahma explained the glories of Kamika Ekadasi to Sage Narada and later it was told by Lord Krishna to Yudhistira.

Glory, Greatness and Merits of Kamika Ekadasi Vrata

Whoever observes Kamika Ekadasi Vrata or fasting would get the blessings more than the one who performs ritual bath in all sacred rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Sindhu, Kaveri, Godavari, Krishna, etc. The devotee who accomplishes the Kamika Ekadashi fasting would achieve more punya (blessings of the Lord) than a person who visited Kasi, Haridwar, Kedarnath and all Hindu holy places.

Devotees who worship Lord Vishnu with Tulsi leaves will become free from all their sins and evil deeds they have performed in life. Greatest glory or merit of Kamika Ekadasi vrata is Vaikunta prapthi (attaining salvation in Vishnu Lokam). Lord Yamadharmaraj wont disturb their devotion and attaining salvation who observe Kamika Ekadashi fasting. All rituals and customs are same as the other Ekadasi fasting.

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    date of sravana k psksha ekadashi in 1973

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    how to observe somvar and mangal gauri vrat

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    sravana masam 2013-telugu sravana masam in andhra pradesh