Kamada Ekadashi, 22 April 2013

Today, 22 April 2013 is Kamada Ekadashi. It falls in Shukla Paksha of Chaitra Month as per all – North Indian Hindi calendars (Purnimanth Panchang) and Amavasyant Panchangams (Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada & Telugu calendars).

Some Smarta sect of people observed this Ekadashi on 21 April as the Ekadashi has begun on 21st.

In 2013, Kamada Ekadashi falls in Chithirai Masam of Tamil Panchangam, Meda Masam in Malayalam calendar and Baishakh Month in Bengali Panjika. This is the first Ekadashi Vrat in Vijaya Hindu Year (2013-2014 Year).

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Paaran Time (Breakfast time) is – 5.54 AM to 7.51 AM on 23 April 2013.

As the name indicates, the merits and benefits of observing Kamada Ekadashi is fulfillment of desires and wishes. It is believed that those who observed this Ekadashi vrat will get their wishes fulfilled.

Kamada Ekadashi Vrat Katha or the story of this Ekadasi vrat is mentioned in Varaha Purana as a conversation between Lord Krishna and King Yudhishtira. The story is associated with a gandharva called ‘Lalita’ and his king ‘Pundarika’.

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  1. Shrimayi says:

    ekadashi for 22 04 2013 kamda ekadashi vart katha

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    ekadashi vrat katha in hindi 2013 in month of april shukla paksha

  3. Mayon says:

    ekadashi of 22nd april story in marathi hindi