July 2014 Sankata Chaturthi, Sankatahara Ganesh Chauth July 2014 date

Sankashti Chaturthi (Sankatahara Ganesh Chauth, Sankata hara Chaturthi) is an auspicious day to observe Ganesh Puja. In July 2014, Sankashti Chaturthi date is July 15, Tuesday – Angaraki Chaturthi (Indian Standard Time).

Devotees perform Ganapati puja and keep fasting till Chandrodayam. After seeing the Moon God they break their fast and perform Ganesh Puja and eat Prasad. Moonrise time or Chandrodaya time on Sankashti July 15, 2014 is 9.44 pm as per IST.

July 2014 Sankashti Chaturthi falls in Shravan month as per North Indian Hindi calendars and in Ashad month as per Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, and Kannada calendars.

Here is the legend or Sankat Chaturthi vrat katha.

Read this article to know the moonrise time or chandrodaya time on Sankashti Chaturthi July 2014 in all cities of India – Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mysore, Thane, etc..

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  1. Sarat says:

    can rahu ketu homam be done on sankatachaturthi day?

  2. Sudena says:

    sangasta chaturthi is on which date on july

  3. Bhav-bhooti says:

    sankasti in july month in 2013 in mumbai

  4. Anshumat says:

    when is sankashti chaturthi of july month of2013 kal nirnay

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