Jim Carrey mocks Lord Ganesha in NBC TV channel to demonstrate a sexual act

Jim Carrey, a famous Hollywood actor, mocked Lord Ganesha in NBC TV channel’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) on Saturday, 8 January 2011. The actor demonstrated a sexual act by mocking Lord Ganesha. This ridiculous act disturbed the large Hindu population in United States of America (USA) and all over the world. Hindu organizations demand apologies from NBC channel, Jim Carrey, and all those responsible for this shameless act.

In the skit on NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) titled “The Wrath of Ganesh”, Jim Carrey in a process to demonstrate a sexual technique, mocked Lord Ganesh and his trunk.

This is not the first time for the shameless idiots to mock and criticize Hindu Gods, Goddess, and wholly Hindus. The Government of India and all Hindu organizations should take serious actions against these stupids so that their acts would not repeat.

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  1. K Hari (Tirupati) says:

    It is very very bad that mocks Indian gods. Such types of issues took place also in past. Our government not taking any action against these types of actions. It not only hurts the people of India and Hindus also all the people of the world how believes the god. Evan as a atheist I am also hurting. We will not more tolerate in future.
    Be care !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!