Jhulan Yatra, Jhulayan Jatra | Festival dedicated to Lord Jagannath during Sawan Maas

Jhulan Yatra or Jhulayan Jatra is the swing festival observed mainly in Puri. In Vrindavan Jhoola festival is celebrated on the final day of Jhulan Yatra. In 2022, Jhulan Yatra date is August 8 and ends on August 12.

Jhulan Yatra starts on Pavitra Ekadasi (Sawan Shukla Paksha Ekadashi) and concludes on Sawan Purnima (full moon day in Shravan month).

In Vrindavan Bihariji Temple, Jhulan Yatra is celebrated for one day as Jhoola festival. During the festival of Jhulan Yatra or Jhoola, the idol of Lord Sri Krishna is kept in a decorated swing and is swung.

Devotees celebrate the festival with singing bhajans, music and dance. In some Sri Krsihna temples, the idol of Goddess Radha is also swung along with the idol of Sri Krishna.

In 2019, Jhulan Yatra date is August 11 and ends on August 15.

In 2018, Jhulan Yatra date is August 21 and ends on August 26.

In 2017, Jhulan Yatra date is August 3 and ends on August 7.

In 2015, Jhulan Yatra date is August 26 and ends on August 29.

In 2014, Jhulan Yatra date was August 6 and ends on August 10.

In 2013, Jhulan Yatra date was August 17 and ends on August 21.

Jhulan Yatra 2012 date is July 28. The festival begins on July 28 and ends on August 2, 2012.

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