Jharasangam Temple | Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple, Jharasangam, Medak district

Jharasangam Temple – Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple

Jharasangam Temple – Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple

Jharasangam Shiva Temple (Jharasangam Kethaki Sangameshwara Temple) is an ancient Shiva temple located at Jharasangam village near Zaheerabad in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh. As per the legends, the Shivalingam of Jharasangam temple is said to have been installed by Lord Brahma.

The story or the Sthala Puranam of Jharasangam Kethaki Sangameshwara Aalayam dates back to the Krutha Yuga. A King called Raja Kupendra of Surya Vamsham was suffering from a skin disease and has not found any remedy to cure it. When his routine hunting was happened to reach Kethaki Vanam he found a stream where he washed his body.

After returning to home, Kuprendra found that the skin disease was completely cured. In his sleep in the same night, Lord Sangameshwara Swamy appeared in a dream and asked Raja Kupendra to construct a temple around the Shiva Lingam at the place where the Sangameshwara Temple is there presently.

Jharasangam Temple - Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple

Jharasangam Temple – Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy Temple

Raja Kupendra constructed Temple over the Shivalingam and made the stream into a Pushkarini for the temple. The Pushkarini is also known as ‘Astha Theertha Amrutha Gundam’ as it consists of eight theerthams such as Narayana Tirtham, Dharma Thirtham, Rushi Theertham, Varuna Theertham, Soma Thirtham, Rudra Thirtham, Indra Tirtham and Datta Thirtham.

Apart from Andhra Pradesh, devotees from all across Western and South India, mainly from Karnataka and Maharashtra visit the temple and perform special pujas.

As this is the only Temple where Kethaki flowers are offered to Shivalingam. Generally Kethaki flowers are avoided in any puja. Due to this special aspect, this Shivalinga is also famous as ‘Kethaki Sangameshwara Swamy’ and the temple as ‘Kethaki Sangameshwara Swam Temple’. The botanical name of Kethaki flowers (Screw Pine) is – Pandanus fascicularis.

Jharasangam Temple Gundam

Jharasangam Temple Gundam

Makara Sankranthi, Magha Masam, Maha Shivaratri, Ugadi, Shravana Masam, Ganesh Chaturthi (Vinayaka Chavithi), Durga Sharan Navaratri, Karthika Purnima and Karthika Masam are the important festivals and auspicious days celebrated in Jharasangham Kethaki Sangeshwara Swamy Temple.

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