Importance of Shiva Pooja in Shravan Month (Shivalinga Puja, Rudrabhisheka Pooja)



What is the importance Shiva Pooja in Shravan Month (Shivalinga Puja, Rudrabhisheka Pooja)? Why devotees perform Shiva Pooja in Shravan Month?

Shravan Month is the favorite month for Lord Shiva and the somvar is the most auspicious for Shiva Pooja. Mainly on Shravan Somvar, Shiva Poojan is performed very widely throughout India, Nepal and all other places where Hindus live in large numbers.

The Legend – why Shiva Pooja (Shivalinga Jalabhisheka Puja) is performed in Shravan Month

The legend says the ‘Samudra Manthan’ (churning of the ocean) was happened in Shravan Month. While churning the ocean, fourteen different types of gems came out from it. Thirteen of those were distributed among the demons (Asuras – Rakshasas), except the poison which is known as ‘Halahala’.

The Halahala was fuming out dangerously and was about to swallow the entire universe. Then upon the request of Gods and demons, Lord Shiva drank the poison and stored it in his throat. Since then Lord Shiva has got the name of ‘Neelakantha’ (Neela – blue, kathan – throat).

To please Lord Shiva, devotees perform ‘Jalabhishekam’ (Abhishekam – bathing with Gangajal or normal water). Devotees believe Jalabhishekam makes Shiva feel some relief from the hotness and the tough nature of poison.

Married women perform Shravan Somvar Shiva Pooja for better marital bliss and welfare of husband and children. Unmarried women observe it for good and ideal husband. Women who to beget children perform Shravan Shiva pooja for children. Some devotees (or couple) observed strict fasting on Shravan Somvar and perform Shiva Pooja for better results.

Rudrabhishekam, Laghunyasa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam, Mahanyasapurvaka Rudrabhishekam, Ekadasha Rudrabhishekam, Bilva Puja, etc.. are the most famous Shiva puja rituals observed in Shravan Month.

The material or the items used for Shivalinga Puja in Shravan Month are – Gangajal, water, milk, curd, sugar, ghee, honey, clothes, Janeu, Roli, rice, flowers, Bel leaves, Bhang, Dhatura,lotus, Prasaad, Betle leaves, nuts, cloves, cardamom, dry fruits etc.

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