Holika Samhara Moorthy | Prahlada as Slayer of Holika



The great Vishnu devotee Prahalada is also called as Holika Samhara Moorthy, since he has killed the demoness Holika, and restored peace and prosperity in the earth and in the heaven. As per ancient legend, Holika was a cruel demoness, and she was the aunt of Prahalad, who was burnt to death by Prahalad, when Prahalad was about to be killed by Holika.

Once, Holika was instructed by her brother Hiranyakasipu to kill Prahalad using her powers. Then Holika created a magical fire and invoked it on Prahalad. Since Prahalad was reciting the Vishnu Mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, he was left unharmed, and at the same time, he invoked the same fire on Holika and burnt her to death. The story of Holika’s death implies the victory of the good over evil. The day in which Holika was destroyed by Prahalada is celebrated as the famous festival “HOLI”, also called as the festival of colours and this festival is mostly celebrated by the North Indians.

This famous incident was happened during the Krita Yuga, and due to his staunch devotion on Lord Vishnu, Prahalad was able to kill his wicked aunt in an easy manner. We can compare this incident with the incident which was happened during the previous Dwapara Yuga, in which, Lord Krishna used to kill the wicked demoness “BOODANAI” using his powers.

Since Prahalad has killed Holika, he is also fondly called by the people as “HOLIKA SAMHARA MOORTHY”, which means, the one who destroys the powerful demoness Holika. After the death of Holika, all the divine devas and holy sages visited the palace of Prahalad, and greeted him cheerfully, and they also awarded him the title “MOORTHY”, which would be usually given to the great gods like Brahma, Vishna and Shiva.

Prahalada though he lived before several millions of years ago, still he is affectionately remembered by the people due to his staunch devotion on Lord Vishnu. The name and fame of the great PRAHALADA MOORTHY would never diminish, even after the completion of several Yugas, and he would remain forever in the souls of his sincere devotees.


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