Hiranya Shraddha

Parvana  Sradha is the Normal annual Sradha  with homa, Washi ng legs of Brahmanas,Feeding Brahmanas by cooked food , Offering Pindas ,and Dakshina

Aama Sradha which is done in a  similar manner  but by giving the Brahmins   uncooked food.

Hiranya Sradha is done  by giving  money only.Hiranya means Gold

In Hiranya sradha  our Acharya(Priest)  comes with two people  . One of them would represent the Viswe deva   and the other Pithrus.(In case  two people are not available  , he himself takes  the part of one of them.The rituals consist of

We wear  Pancha Kacham and our   Wife the traditional madi saar

Changing of  Sacred thread   and Achamanam

1.Sankalpam –Which in detail tell us about the time and place  where we perform SRadha   and to whom the Sradha  is performed

2.Invoking  The Viswe devas-  With Manthra   and sprinking of Akshadha   we invoke  one Brahmin as Viswe deva. We offer him seat  by  putting A dharbha   as seat , offer him Sandal paste, Thulasi for decorating himself.

Then we invoke the Pithrus. Here the welcome is done by sprinkling black gingelly with sacred thread worn on right shoulder(Idam or Pracheena vidhi)

3.Give both of them Dakshina   as well as Rice and raw banana  for   their food for that day.

4.WE go around the Brahmins and salute them

5.Then both the Brahimns    as well as Acharya bless  us  by throwing akshadha at us. WE hold this Akshada  in our Uthareeyam. Request our elders among us to bless us and then blessing all those  who belong to our paternal family  and who are younger to us

6.We give Dakshina to the  Acharya .

7.We finish the Sradha  by doing Tharpanam to our father side Pithrus

Offering food to the Brahmins   in the form of breakfast or lunch is optional  .The entire procedure would take about half an hour. When The acharya  is not able to get Brahmins , He would take the place of them  and make A koorcha represent the other Brahmin.

Written & Compiled by Shri P.R.Ramachander.

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