Rules of Shraddha

Types of Shradhas 1.parvana Sradham is done to please the Viswe devas and Pithrus for three   generation. From mothers and fathers side, Yekodhishta is a sradha   aimed at the person who is just dead and has not become pithru and is haing Pretha roopa.IN SApindi karana both re there. 3.Both in the first annual sradha […]

Hiranya Shraddha

Parvana  Sradha is the Normal annual Sradha  with homa, Washi ng legs of Brahmanas,Feeding Brahmanas by cooked food , Offering Pindas ,and Dakshina Aama Sradha which is done in a  similar manner  but by giving the Brahmins   uncooked food. Hiranya Sradha is done  by giving  money only.Hiranya means Gold In Hiranya sradha  our Acharya(Priest)  comes with two people  . One of them would […]