Hindupad wishes a Happy Diwali 2023

diwali wishes from Hindupad

diwali wishes from Hindupad

Hindupad wishes all the readers of the blog a Happy and Prosperous Diwali 2023, November 12.

Sparkling crackers, auspicious puja ceremonies, divine diyas and lamps, great delicacy of special recipes may make your Diwali a prosperous festival.

While bursting crackers, please follow safety guidelines mentioned in Hindupad.

Perform Lakshmi puja with utmost devotion.

Light diyas to throw out the darkness from our lives and from our hearts.

Use eco-friendly crackers which are safe for environment. Please remind a sentence – Save environment: Environment saves you!

How many of us remember Lord Krishna during Diwali Festival day? How many of us celebrate Diwali by thinking on Lord Krishna? How many of us offer our sincere prayers and thanks to Lord Krishna during Diwali Festival?

We should understand, that Diwali is being celebrated by us today, only due to the good act of Lord Krishna, that is, by killing the demon King Narakasura. Hence, we must sincerely offer our heartily thanks to him, by saying, “HAPPY DIWALI, THANK YOU LORD KRISHNA”.
Diwali is one of the most important festivals of the Hindus. This festival is celebrated in many countries. Diwali is celebrated as a festival that removes the darkness of life and gives light.

On Diwali, every one wakes up early in the morning. They perform an oil bath Ganga Snan. It is customary to ask each other on that day, “Ganga Snan acha”, which means, have you finished taking the holy bath on Diwali? Diwali is a celebration for all of us, especially for the little ones! Because the children would have the interest in bursting crackers and eating delicious sweets is commonly found in all households! On the day of Diwali, our faces would become very bright, and we adults, like little children, will be very happy, bursting crackers, consuming sweets, by forgetting our diabetes! At least on that day, and would spend our time very happily for each and every moment. Needless to say, there is no need to talk about the Thalai Deepavali celebration (Celebration of first Diwali for the newly wed couples). For them, every minute of that day would be spent with happiness, and they would also feel as if they are in heaven!

History of Deepavali

According to our Hindu spiritual texts, Narakasura was the king of a place near present-day Nepal. He was a great threat to all the worlds by his cruel deeds.

Narakasura is considered to be the son of Varahaswami and Bhoodevi. Narakasura, who has performed severe penance, receives a boon from the Supreme Father, Lord Brahma. That is to say, only from the hand of his mother that death should happen to him! See how intelligently he has asked for the boon, since no mother would come forward to kill her own child! Appreciating narakasura’s severe penance, Lord Brahma also gave him the boon without any means. After that, his aggression increases.

He had abducted 16,000 beautiful girls from different places and imprisoned them in his harem. As narakasura’s cruelty continued to increase, all the devas had collectively visited Lord Krishna, to suppress Narakasura, in order to get themselves and their people freed from him, and they appealed for it.

Knowing about the boon received by Narakasura, Krishna, as the driver of his chariot, brings his wife Satyabhama (who is an aspect of Goddess Earth) with him and goes to the battlefield. A fierce battle begins between Nara and Krishna.

After a brief struggle, on the orders of Sri Krishna, Sathyabama takes out the bow, shoots an arrow and targets Narakasura and attacks him. In the end Narakasura dies. Krishna then married all the women who were in the clutches of Narakasura, according to their wishes, and recovered all the goods he had seized from the devas and handed them over to the respective devas.

Lord Krishna, who had killed Narakasura early in the morning, rubbed oil on that day and immersed his head. Even today, on Diwali, it continues to be the practice of rubbing oil in the early hours of the morning and taking a complete bath. The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great joy by the people in accordance with the boon that he asked the people to celebrate the day of his death with great joy.
Ancient Diwali

People celebrated the ancient Diwali with greater joy than it is today. The most important reason for this was that the people of the day excelled in hospitality. Apart from friends and relatives, they also befriended their neighbors and celebrated Diwali with great pomp and show. At that time, the people of the village used to treat the children as Lord Krishna himself, and would spend their time with them joyfully.
Today’s Diwali

In this trendy world, The Festival of Diwali is celebrated with some weeds. The main reason for this is that there has been a decrease in the ability of people to be friendly with their neighbors and others. The idea of ‘I’ should be removed and the idea of ‘we’ should come to us. There should also be an idea that if the neighbor’s child is nourished and brought up, then his child will grow on his own! Everyone has to come to the point that they are brothers and sisters. If that happens, then the festival of Diwali will be very bright.

Many of us are settled in the apartments today. Day by day, we fly with a wheel tied to our legs to meet our daily needs. Many of us nowadays have the mentality of wanting more and more, and not with the mind that enough is enough. Only if the current situation changes, Diwali will become a grand festival for us.

“Jai Shri Krishna”
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