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Hanuman Jayanti 2014, Hanuman Jayanthi, Hanuman Vijayotsavam in 2014

lord hanuman

lord hanuman

Hanuman Jayanti 2014, Hanuman Jayanti 2014 date, when is Hanuman Jayanti in 2014? Hanuman Jayanti Puja in 2014, Hanuman Jayanti Upvaas, Hanuman Jayanti vrat in 2014.

Hanuman Jayanti is the birthday of Lord Hanuman celebrated on Chaitra Purnima or the Full Moon day in Chaitra month in many parts of North Indian states. In 2014, Hanuman Jayanthi date April 15. Chaitra Purnima is also known as Maha Chaitri.

In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Hanuman Jayanthi is observed on Vaishakha Bahula Dasami which falls during May-June months. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states, Chaitra Pournami is celebrated as Hanuman Vijayotsavam. Hanuman Jayanti Upvaas date in 2014 is April 14.

In Gujarat and some other regions in North India, Ashwin Krishna Chaturdasi (the day before Diwali) is popularly observed as Hanuman Jayanti. In Tamil Nadu and Kerala, devotees celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi during Margali Masam or Margazhi month (December – January).

Varanasi Sankat Mochan Temple is one of the famous temples dedicated to Lord Hanuman. This temple is the best place to visit during Hanuman Jayanthi festival.

Hanuman Jayanthi 2013 date was April 25.

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  1. Mahavyoma.org says:

    18 Forms of Hanuman Photo gallery coming soon

  2. navratna mandusiya says:

    नाम :- नवरतन मंदुसिया पुत्र श्री इश्वर चंद जी मंदुसिया
    गाँव :- सुरेरा मंदा तहसील :- दांतारामगढ़ जिला :- सीकर राज्य :-राजस्थान
    पिन कोड ३३२७४२
    कांटेक्ट नम्बर +९१ ९९२९३९४१४३
    ईमेल मंदुसिया@जीमेल.कॉम
    dantaramgarh sikar rajasthan

    happy hanuman jayanti or pure bharat vasiyo ko mandusiya family ki or se hardik subh kamnaye

  3. MR JAYESH M says:

    Excellent , handy , daily tithi, very useful , GOD BLESS

  4. Pardha Saradhi says:

    According to Purana, VIjayadashami is celebrated as this day Maa Durga got the victory in the battle with demon Mahishasura. The meaning of Vijayadashami has hidden in the word. Vijaya means victory and dashami-the tenth day. This way the Vijayadashami matched with the legend. Maa goddess beheaded the demon Mahisasur on the tenth day of the battle. The nine days the Goddess Durga is worshipped with ritual ceremonies. The aarti of Maa Durga is chanted. The nine days the battle between Goddess Durga and demon Mahisasura was continued but on the tenth day of the battle Maa Durga got the triumph over Mahishasura. For the Victory, this day is celebrated as “Vijayadasami”

  5. Uday says:

    Can you please give me date of Hanuman Jayanti in January 2013 ?

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