Gundotharan Katha | Story of Vaigai River’s birth

Gundotharan was one among the Shiva Ganas, and he used to guard Mount Kailash, the holy abode of Lord Shiva, along with other divine attendants of Lord Shiva.

When Meenakshi, a form of Mata Parvati, was married with Lord Shiva at Madurai, a grand wedding feast was prepared, and after getting the permission from Lord Shiva, the divine attendant Gundotharan who contains a big body, finished eating all the food. But still he was not relieved from hunger and thirst.Due to that, Mata Meenakshi had transformed into Goddess Annapoorna and affectionately served food in her own hands to Gundotharan. Due to that, Gundotharan was relieved from hungry, and in order to quench his thirst, Lord Shiva had ordered the Holy River Ganges, to flow in that place as a river.

Due to that, through the powers of Mata Ganga, Vaigai River was formed in that place. Immediately Gundotharan drank the water from the holy river Vaigai and quenched his thirst. Hence, in order to get sufficient food and water in our life, we must have to worship the great Shiva Gana Gundotharan, along with Shiva and Parvati.

Vaigai River contains the features of Mata Ganga, and it is also called as Siva Ganga, Vegavathi and Siva Gnanateertha. Taking bath in Vaigai is similar to taking bath in River Ganges, since both of the rivers are considered as one and the same. And those who take bath in the Holy Rivers of Vaigai and Ganges, and worship Lord Shiva and Parvati, would get relieved from their sins and diseases, and they would get all kinds of prosperity in this world, and they also would get salvation after their death.

Vaigai River is the favourite river of Mata Meenakshi, who ruled Madurai, before 5000 and odd years.

Let us worship Lord Gundotharan and be blessed.


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