Gududeepa Pantha in Mangalore during Deepavali

Deepavali is celebrated with sky lanterns in the Sri Gokarnanatha Kshetra of Kudroli in Mangalore. This is the 13th edition of the “Gududeepa Pantha” (sky lantern competition) organised by Namma Kudla on the 10th of November 2012.

The competition will be held on the vast courtyards of the Kshetra on Deepavali eve, bringing competitors and spectators alike in droves. The added attraction of top two winners in each of the three categories of this event taking home gold coins ensures keen competition. The three categories are traditional, modern and special models of sky lanterns.

Harish Karkera, director of Namma Kudla says the art of making traditional sky lanterns is slowly on the wane with people preferring to buy such sky lanterns off the shelves. “Through this competition, we want to keep alive this tradition,” Harish said, adding that the traditional category of the competition is specifically for those making sky lanterns using colour and or glass papers. In modern category, contestants can use pulses, flex, and other materials.

In the model category, contestants can give wings to their imagination making models of any subject they choose, Harish said. An interesting facet of this competition, he says is that the creativity levels keep increasing with each passing year, just as the entries to reach newer heights. “No model seen in previous year’s competitions are likely to resurface the next year,” he says adding even judging the entry in these categories is getting tougher.

The organisers will confer Namma Kula award of folk scholar Bannanje Babu Amin on this occasion as well as recognise the organisational capability of president of SCDCC Bank MN Rajendra Kumar with Namma Tuluver award. Child prodigy Vibhalakshmi Rai K will receive the Namma Kudla child talent award. The event will be telecast live on Namma Kudla V4 channel. Entries must reach the venue by 4pm. Call: 0824-2495494.

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