Goddess Indrani | Shakti of Lord Indra

Goddess Indrani shakti of lord indra

Goddess Indrani shakti of lord indra

Goddess Indrani, Aindri, Mahendri, Shakri or Vajri, is one of the Saptamatrikas (the seven divine goddesses) who is regarded as the shakti of Lord Indra. She gets her name from Lord Indra who is the king of heaven and has similar weapons and vehicle as him.

Goddess Indrani is generally depicted as having four arms and is called Chaturbhuji for that reason and she holds a flag with a symbol of pot and the vajra or thunderbolt in another hand. Her other two hands are in the poses of abhaya and varada mudra. Her vehicle is the white elephant which is the same as Lord Indra’s Airavatha. Her complexion is of red colour and she is seen wearing a crown with beautiful ornaments.

Goddess Indrani is said to be residing below a Kalpaka tree. In the puranas , it is said that the saptamatrikas represent the negative quality in the individual which needs to be destroyed in order to attain spiritual salvation and in that aspect, Goddess Indrani represents the one who destroys the quality of jealousy in the individual.

Indrani Devi is usually worshipped as the part of the entire group of sapta matrikas and does not have many temples dedicated to her individual worship.

Gayatri mantra for Goddess Indrani :

Aum gajath vajaayai vidmahe
vajra hasthaya dhimahi
tanno indrani prachodayat

It is believed that chanting this mantra helps in accumulating jewels as the Lord Indra was the king of heavens and was the enjoyer of all the pleasures in the world. The devotees also get to enjoy a life similar to that of the king of heavens by chanting this mantra. The best time to chant this mantra is on fridays and pournami.

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