Goddess Chamunda: Charchika, Chamundi

chamunda matrika

chamunda matrika

Goddess Chamunda is one of the Saptamatrikas (the seven divine goddesses) who is the power of the Goddess Chandi. She is also called Chamundi or charchika and is very much similar to Goddess Kali.

Goddess Chamunda gets her name as the one who killed the demons Chanda and Munda. She was originally a goddess worshipped by the tribal people with animal sacrifices and offerings of wine. But later on with the progression of hinduism, the rituals changed to vegetarian offerings.

Goddess Chamunda is often depicted in the sapta matrika group of sculptures in the rightmost and she is sometimes referred to as the leader of the group. She is worshipped as the kuladevi or family deity by many kshatriyas. There are many temples associated with the worship of this goddess across the country.

One of the famous temples dedicated to Goddess Chamunda is in South India in Mysore district in the Chamundi Hills.

Goddess Chamunda is also worshipped in Jainism apart from Hinduism.

She is one of the most powerful of the sapta matrikas and finds a place for individual worship in many communities. She is considered the Goddess kali herself and is said to have emerged out of her body. The other Saptamatrikas are the feminine form of many Gods but this Sapta matrika is said to have emerged directly out of the Shakti of the Devi and hence considered most powerful.

Gayatri Mantra for Goddess Chamunda :

Aum pisasath vajaaya vidmahe
soola hastaya dhimahe
tanno kali prachodayat

It is believed that chanting this mantra would protect the devotee against evil spirits, black magic and ghosts. It is said to have the power to transform the negative energies in the sorroundings into positive energies and hence is a very powerful gayatri mantra. The best times to chant this mantra is on tuesdays, fridays , saturdays and on pournami.

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  1. Charchika Trivedi says:

    I would like to know Chamundi Devi Stotram. Is there any Sahasranama stotram for Chamundi Devi Matruka.

  2. Ekansh says:

    powerful kali / chandi mantra to protect from black magic

  3. Ranganath says:

    How goddess chamundi invoked in hindu black magic