Glories of offering ghee lamp in Karthika month



What are the glories of offering ghee lamp in Karthika month? Why offering ghee lamps in Karthika Month is considered highly auspicious & meritorious?

The following references are from the Skanda Purana (a conversation between Lord Brahma and Sage Narada).

ŸIf one offers a ghee lamp to Damodara in the month of Karthika, his sins of many thousands and millions of births perish.

Even if no mantras are chanted, no pious deeds performed and no purity observed, everything becomes perfect when a person offers a lamp during the month of Karthika.

ŸOffering a lamp to Lord Keshava in the month of Karthika is equivalent to performing all yajnas and bathing in all holy rivers.

When someone pleases Lord Keshava by offering Him a lamp during the month of Karthika, then by the mercy of the Lord, the ancestors in the family will all attain liberation.

ŸTo one who, either at home or in a temple, offers a lamp during this month, Lord Vasudeva gives a great result.

A person who offers a lamp to Lord Krishna during the month of Damodara becomes very glorious and fortunate.

ŸNo sins exist anywhere in the three worlds that will not be purified by offering a lamp to Lord Keshava during Karthika.

ŸA person who offers a lamp to Lord Damodara during Karthika attains the eternal spiritual world where there is no suffering.

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