How to give Water to Sun in the Morning (Offering Water to Surya Bhagavan)



How to give Water to Sun in the Morning (Offering Water to Surya Bhagavan)? What is the method, procedure of giving water to Sun in the morning?

What is the best time for offering water to Sun God?

The best and auspicious time for offering water to Sun God is before Sunrise. 5 AM to 5.45 AM or 6 AM is the best time for it.

Which type of vessel used for offering water to Surya Bhagavan?

Copper is the ideal metal for any Puja. Hence, copper vessel or copper pot is the ideal one for Surya Arghya.

What is the best place to offer water to Surya Deva?

Rivers, seas, water reservoirs or flowing water streams are the best places for Surya Puja. But nowadays, its not possible to offer water at the above said places every day, you can offer water to Surya Bhagavan at your own house.

Which Mantra should be recited while giving water to Sun God?

The full length mantra for Lord Surya is very long and not possible for many people to chant unless they are learned scholars or learned Brahmins. Anyway, its fine to chant the short but tantric version with the Beeja mantra included which takes the mantra/prayer to its ‘source’ that is also as potent as the long version of Sri Surya Mantra…

“Om Hring Hamsah Suryaye Namah Om”

What is the significance of offering water to Sun in the morning?

‘Apa’ means water and it also means love. That is why, someone very close to you, what do you call them? Apta – means very dear. Apa and Apta are very close.

So, giving water is not important, feeling the connection with the sun is important.

What people used to do was they used to hold water in their hands and let the water leak out of the hand slowly, and for that much time they used to do sun gazing. You look at the sun, gaze and allow the water to seep down. So you need to know timings – It will take a couple of minutes, maybe two or three minutes for the water to leak out. Till that time, you gaze at the sun and let the water leak out and you will see that your body gets energized.

That was the technique behind it. Not just giving water to the sun like that, it will not work.

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  1. Ashish says:

    Is it ok to give jal to suryadev with gulal or roli mix with water….?

    **please reply…

  2. Anjali says:

    Hello I have some questions; after reading your article.
    Firstly what importance and why is water given to sun before sunrise?
    Shouldn’t it be during surmise?
    And to get suns rays you need to offer water during or slightly after sunrise, how can you get the runs rays while giving water to sun when the sun is not even up before the sunrise?
    Please reply, I would be waiting and will be happy to hear back from you.
    Thank you

  3. Maya says:

    When i will offerring water to surya bhagawan what i will say plz tell me…

  4. Raman says:

    Thank you.. Nicely explained