Ghanta Ninadam, Mridanga Nadaswaram – Highlights in Maha Samprokshana at Tirumala Temple

The continuing ringing of gigantic bells located inside Ganta Mandapam by Gantapani and the Mridanga Nadaswaram by the artistes stood as a special attraction at Bangaru Vakili on Thursday during Sallimpu and Suddhi ceremonies.

The huge hall between the Garuda temple and the Bangaru vakili in the Ananda Nilayam is called the Mahamani Mandapam or the Ganta Mandapam. It has 16 pillars in four rows. It was built by the Minister of Vijayanagara Kingdom, Sri Mallana in 1417 and have images of Narasimha, Varaha ,Maha vishnu, Varadaraja and Venkateswara.

This is the venue for all major events like Suprabtha pathanam,Koluvu, Panchanga sravanam,adaya-vyaya nivedana .The major events like Sahasra Kalashabisekam and Tiruppavadai are held here and also titled as Asthana mantapam, as several traditional temple courts during Ugadi, Deepavali, Rama Navami, Sri Krishnasthami, Anivara Asthanam etc.are rendered here.There were two bells on the southern side of the bangaru vakili which are struck at the hour of Naivedya Nivedana. Hence it is also known as Tirumamani Mandapam.

Sri Ravi, Ghantapani, one who rings the huge bells, made it a record on Thursday by continuously ringing the bells without break during Sallimpu and Nivedana continuously for over one and a half hours. TTD Chairman Sri P Sudhakar Yadav, TTD EO Sri Anil Kumar Singhal, JEO Sri KS Sreenivasa Raju and other board members complimented Sri Ravi for his dedication.


On the other hand the Nadaswaram accompanied by Mridanga Nadam stood as a special attraction. Vidwan Sri MKS Shiva and Vidwan SRI MKS Natarajan, Nadaswara-Mridangam experts from Chennai enthralled the temple officials and staffs with their stupendous performance. The played Nagavarali, Tyagraja Kritis, Pibare Rama Rasam, Venkatachala Nilayam etc. and mused all during Naivedya Nivedana.

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