Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi

Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi is the Sankashtahara Ganesha Chaturthi Vrata which falls in Ashada Month of Hindu calendar. For Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi Vratha, the Name of Ganesh in which the pooja is performed and the name of the Peetha is given here ..

In 2020, Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi date is 8 July.

Name of Sankashti Chaturthi Vrata – Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi

Name of Ganesh in which the Pooja is performed – Gajanana Ganapati

Name of the Peeta – Sri Shakti Ganapathi Peetha

Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi falls in Ashada Month as per Amavasyant calendars followed in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It falls in Shravana Month according to North Indian Hindi calendars (Purnimant Panchang).

In Malayalam calendar, it falls in Midhuna Masam – Karkadika Masam; Tamil months of Aani Masam – Aadi Masam; Bengali months of Aashar Month – Shraban Month.

Gajanana Sankashti Chaturthi is one of the 13 Sankashtahara Chauth Vrathams. Each month, different form of Ganesha is worshipped along with different Peetha.

Observing Sankashti Hara Chaturthi vrata keep devotees away from every problem they face in their life. Literally, ‘Sankat or ‘Sankashta means problems and ‘hara means the destroyer. Abhishekam is the main ritual observed during the Ganapati puja on this day.

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