Eternal Truths of Upanishads

The Upanishads breathe the pure fragrance of perennially fresh dialogues between earnest truth seekers and outstanding spiritual teachers. There is a great significance in lofty and sublime utterances of sages, described as “mahavakyas”.

Statements like ”Tarati Sokam Atmavit” meaning that the knower of Atma crosses over the other shore beyond all sorrow,echo the characteristic Vedanthic note ,common to all Upanishads, that life is a perpetual flow of impermanences and that the destiny of the soul lies in the tranquil haven of true self-knowledge. The emphasis is not merely on sorrow or suffering, which is ephemeral, but mainly on the prospect of redemption which is real.

In his lecture Prof. K. Seshadri referred to the Prasthanathraya and dwelt on the Upanishads and Brahmasutras, highlighting the uniqueness of the structure and architectonic pattern of the latter. Showing how both are intimately interwoven, and revealing the synthesis of their logic with the spiritual intuition.

The extreme brevity and criptic characteristic of the Sustras makes it necessary for a whole world of commentarial literature to be built around the text (of the Sustras). What the Upanishads offer in the first flush of immediate revelation is presented in the Brahmasutras, between themselves, the Brahmasutras and the Upanishads integrate reason and intuition and reconcile the apparently incompatible claims of overt actions and mystical absorption.

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