Ekamukhi Bhadraksha (One-faced Bhadraksha)

Ekamukhi Bhadraksha is one-faced Bhadraksha. It is a half-moon shaped Bhadraksha. And it is the most favorite Bhadraksha bead for Lord Shiva.

By worshipping and wearing it, devotees will be blessed with happiness, prosperity, better health, longer life, great wisdom, etc..

Devotees are suggested to wear Ekamukhi Bhadraksha on Monday which is the favorite day for Lord Shiva.

The Bhadraksha trees are widely grown in Sri Lanka, Bali, Nepal, Malaysia, Russia, Australia countries apart from the Agasthyamalai, Kumaramalai, Brahmagiri, Sahya, Vindhya giri, and Kumuvan mountains in India.

The unpublished granthas like Siddharagasya Thilagam, Siddha Anubhoga Rahasyam, and Kalabhairava Tantram explained the significance of Bhadraksha beads in very detailed manner. There are a number of Sadhanas regarding Bhadraksha are also explained by Ganapathya Siddhas, Shakteyas, Shaivas, Kartikeyas, Bhairava and Naga Siddhas. Read more about the Bhadraksha Mahatmya (Significance of Bhadraksha beads)

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