Diwali in Kashmir, Sukhsuptika as per Nilmat Purana

Diwali is celebrated for two days in Jammu & Kashmir. It is celebrated in big way in the far Northern state of India. As per the Nilmat Purana, it was known as Sukhsuptika which means take rest with real joy and happiness.

For Kashmiri Pundits Diwali is one of the oldest rituals. In 2022, Diwali date is October 24.

On Diwali Amavasya, elders in the house light earthen lamps all over the house and street as a respect to their dead ancestors. After sunset on Diwali, Lakshmi Puja is observed.

Diwali Milan is also celebrated on Diwali day as people meet and greet their friends, relatives, well-wishers and colleagues.

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