Vaasthu for Different Shapes of Plots

Here is the detailed information about the Vaasthu for a plot, big or small or of various shapes, etc.. Various kinds of plots for construction of a dwelling place are as follows :

1. Rectangular Plots

This kind of plot has equal longer sides and the length of both the sides of the width is less than these of longer sides.

Rectangular shaped plot of length not greater than twice the breadth is considered good and is preferred. Sites of approximately rectangular shape(i.e. corners making 900 ± 50 )are also favoured.

2. Square Plots

Square site is considered to be the best as it offers better flexibility .It has all the four sides equal and all the four angles right. A good house can be constructed on such a plot.

3. Bar-Shaped Plot

The plots with all the four right angles and the length being more the double the width are known as bar-shaped plots.

4. Wheel-Shaped Plot

A lot of land goes waste in the corners, therefore construction of a building on such plots should better be foresaken.

5. Triangular Plot

Generally, one side of such a plot is not conductive to the construction. This side may be used for latrine , external store , water tank , etc.

6. Muller-Shaped Plot

The muller shaped plots are of the shape of crescent on one side with long sides.

7. Oblique Plot

Residing in a plot with an oblique side neither begets peace of mind nor brings health.

8. Lion – face shaped Plots

Such plots are of the shape of the face of a lion. The width of these plots from the front is more and from the rear for less.

9. Cow – faced Plot

A plot of the shape of the face of a cow has less width from the front and more width from the rear.

10. Cart – shaped Plot

A plot of the shape of a cart has a triangular side on one end, thereby it has the vices of a triangular plot.

11. Bow – shaped Plot

A plot of the shape of a bow has a long rear side with a sinking protuberance from the front.

12. T – Shaped Plot

Its front portion is wide and the rear portion narrow.

Various other miscellaneous shape of plots are : Crow –Beak Shaped Plot, Double – Chariot – Shaped Plot, Octagonal Plot, Quadrangular Plot, Elliptical Plot, Hexagonal Plot.

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