Dhanu Lagna, Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanussu Rising Sign)

Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant) or Dhanussu Rising sign is the ninth Lagna in 12 Lagnas of Hindu Astrology. Here, we discuss physical characteristics, mental characteristics and behavior of Dhanu Lagna natives..

Physical Characteristics

The natives of Dhanu Lagna have a well developed and proportioned body. In general they are tall with large forehead, high busy eye-brows, long nose, bright eyes, graceful look, fair complexion and attractive figure.

Mental Characteristics

The natives of Dhanu Lagna unable to take quick decisions. They are bold, courageous, greedy and may have high aspirations. They have self confidence. They have broad mind and enough confidence. They are truthful and spiritual.


Sagittarius Ascendants are always busy with work. Without proper reason they never believe anything. They stick to their principles.

The natives are god fearing and love only truths. They will be considering the pros and cons of the problems. They have good command in spiritual, philosophical, music, academic fields.

Dhanu Lagna natives love their wife very much. They have helpful nature. They speak truth only. They do not like show. They are target oriented persons.

The natives of Sagittarius Ascendant wait for their turn to come. They are very active till their end. They face any number of problems for their targets. They punish their own persons if they do mistakes.

Dhanu Lagna natives never expect anything return in social service. They do not care materialistic happiness. They do not hide anything in their heart. They speak openly.

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