Devi, Wife of Prahlada

We all know about Bhakta Prahlada, his bhakti on Lord Vishnu, death of his father Hiranyakashipu by Narasimha and becoming the king of the big kingdom. Bhakta Prahlad is believed to have ruled almost the entire India, and also he even ruled in some countries outside the India also.

Due to his sincere devotion on Lord Vishnu, he attained all the riches in his life. After attaining teenage, he was married with a pious girl whose name was Devi, and through their union, they had two children.

Their son was named as Virochana and the daughter was named as Rachna. Prahlad’s wife Devi was a noble woman who took care of her family in a proper manner. She also participated in the affairs of the kingdom, and gave her valuable suggestions to her husband Prahlad, and served as a dutiful wife to him. She was a chaste woman and contains good features, and she showered her sincere love and affection on to her kingdom’s people, and treated them as her own relatives.

The noble parents Prahalad and Devi performed marriages to their son and daughter at their teenage, and due to their holiness, they have lived a peaceful life. Though their son Virochana, was cunningly killed by the divine devas, after his death, due to his good karmic deeds, he has become a demi god, and lived in the Indra Loka only.

Devi lived for many years along with her husband Bhakta Prahlad, and after Prahlad went to the underworld (PATHALA LOKA) along with his grandson Mahabali, she also accompanied with her husband Prahladq, and it is believed that she is still living in the underworld.

Let us worship the noble mother and be blessed.

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