Deepa Pooja Procedure (How to do Deepa Pooja)

Deepa Pooja

Deepa Pooja

How to do Deepa Pooja? Deepa Pooja Procedure is given here with full details on where to light deepams (Diyas – lamps) and when to light.. Amavasya (Ashada Amavasya, Bhadrapada Amavasya, Ashwin Amavasya, Magha Amavasya, or any other Amavasya day, Purnima day, and the Pitru Paksha days are the auspicious days for Deepa Pooja.

Take Deepa Sthambham or ordinary deepams made of clay, bronze, silver or any other material and lit on five corners with 2 wicks each. Clay deepams are very auspicious.

Importance of Deepa Puja, lighting diya on five directions…

The four cardinal directions are East, West, North and South. The intermediate (inter-cardinal, or ordinal) directions are Eeshanya(north-east), Agneya (south-east), Vayuvya (north-west), Nairuthi (south-west) and two more directions are Ordharam (Sky) and Adham(Earth). In total there are 10 directions so we take 10 wicks.

As told in Mahanyasa, no problems should occur from all 10 directions. If even problem arises then let this deepam get it resolved by these 10 wicks.

Read the significance of Deeparadhana.

Oil to use for Deepa Pooja

Ghee, cow ghee, coconut oil or sesame seed oil. Read more on which oils are best for Puja.

Where to lit the deepam & Pujan Vidhi

There is no restriction on the place of lighting the deepam. Decorate the deepasthambham or the place where you placing the Deepam with flowers and rangoli designs. Chant proper Deeparadhana Mantras before, during and after the Deeparadhana.

You can lit the Diya anywhere in the house but we need to make sure that it should be shown in all directions after the pooja is done properly (i.e. the next day evening). After showing the deepam in all directions, place it in puja room. Offer donation to a Brahmin.

Naivedyam (Nivedana)

Offer special recipes like Payasam (kheer) or sweet recipe with sesame seeds.

Deepa Pooja

Deepa Pooja

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    if even problem arises then let this deepam get it resolved by these 10

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