Dashama Sthapana 2022 | Dashama Vrat Muhurat

Dasha Maa

Dasha Maa

Dashama Vrat is one of the famous Vratas observed in in Shravan Maas of Gujarati Calendar. In 2022, Dashama Sthapana date is July 29 and Dashama Vrat begins on the same day and ends on August 7.

‘Dashama Sthapana’, the beginning of Dashama Vrata, is observed on the first day of Shravan Maas. The ten-day festivities are also popularly referred to as ‘Dashama Ni Naurta’ by Gujarati devotees.

Dasha Maa Vrat is celebrated for ten days – from first day of Shravan till tenth day. Dasha Maa is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Along with Dasha Maa, Nagbai Maa and Momai Maa are also worshipped during this Vrata. In some places it begins on Ashada Amavasya.

It is also believed that Dasha Maa Vrat is observed for five years continuously.

Dashama Ni Aarti, Dashama Na Bhajan, Dashama No Taal, Dashama Na Geet, Dashama Ni Varta, etc. are famously listened during this period.

Dashama Sthapana Muhurat, 29 July 2022

Chal Choghadiya (चल चौघड़िया) : 6:09 AM to 7:48 AM – Average Muhurat (सामान्य चौघड़िया)

Labh Choghadiya (लाभ चौघड़िया) : 7:48 AM to 9:28 AM – Auspicious Muhurat (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Amrut Choghadiya(अमृत चौघड़िया) : 9:28 AM to 11:07 AM – Auspicious Muhurat (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Shubh Choghadiya(शुभ चौघड़िया) : 12:47 PM to 2:26 PM – Auspicious Muhurat (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Chal Choghadiya (चल चौघड़िया) : 5:45 PM to 7:24 PM – Average Muhurat (सामान्य चौघड़िया)

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