Charaka | Rishi Charaka

Rishi Charaka (3rd century BC) was one of the great physician and inventor of new medical system of Ayurveda, and healed many people from their various health related problems. He is the author of the Charaka Samhita. Charaka was lived in Jalandhar in the present day Punjab. He is considered as the father of the “INDIAN AYURVEDIC MEDICINE”.  It is believed that Charaka had studied at the University of Taxila in Punjab and also practised his profession in punjab.

He was a great and a noble man, who will used to wander from place to place and if he finds any sick person, he immediately give his medicines for getting him cured from his ailment. According to him, all types of diseases can be cured only with the help of AYURVEDIC MEDICINES, but the only way is that the patient must have to give his full cooperation and follow certain food practices, and must also have to be a god fearing person. According to him, by worshipping god and by properly taking ayurvedic medicines, one can get cured from all of his ailments. He also tells that diseases can be prevented by doing regular exercise, yoga, meditation and by regularly worshipping the god.

He was a great physician, who would first study all the factors which leads to a person’s disease, and then only would prescribe the treatment. Many people were benefitted by his treatment and lived happily for a long period of time.

Charaka had also contributed in the field of yoga, varma, phycology and physiotherapy. Charaka is considered as the foremost physician to improve the immunity levels of the people, and to control the various diseases of the people. He also asked the people to be in a jovial mood and to take their life as easy. And asked them to control their mental sufferings and worries, and instead of that, he insisted them to worship the god and to seek his help, by chanting his name and by frequently visiting the temples.

Charaka had completely studied the anatomy of the human body. He also accepted that our cause for worries is due to our bad karma. But he has got more confidence on his ayurvedic medicines. His famous book “CHARAKA SAMHITA” is considered as a very useful book in the ayurvedic field.


Though he was treated as a physician, he was actually considered as a great “RISHI” who had taken birth in this earth, in order to relieve the people from their sickness and to make them to concentrate their attention more on bhakti path. He is a selfless physician who lived a pious and a noble life throughout his life period. He lived only for the welfare of the people, and done meditation on the god for raising the standard of living of the people, and also to reduce the physical and mental sufferings of the people. In this today’s modern era of world, we cannot expect such kind of person who had lived only for the welfare of others.

Let us worship the great physician and yogi and be blessed.


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