Chaitra Month or Chaitra Masam significance, spiritual importance of Chaitra Masam Puja

Chaitra month or Chait mahina or Chaitra masam is the first month as per Hindu Calendar followed in many regions of India. It is believed that Chaitra masa Padyami or the first day of Chait mahina is the first day of this universe.

Lord Brahma has created the universe on this day which is celebrated as Ugadi or Gudi Padwa or Cheti Chand.

“Chaitramasi jagadbrahma sasarju prathamehaani
Shukla paksha samagranthu thadaa suryodaye sathi
Pravarthayaa maasa thatha kaalasya gananaamapi
Grahannaagaa nruthoonmaa saaswathsaraa nwathsaraadhipaan”

According to this Sloka of ‘Chaturvarga Chintamani, Lord Brahma created the universe on the first day of Shukla paksha in the Hindu month Chaitra masa. He also gradually included planets, stars, ruthu (seasons) and rains. Chaitra month is considered as very auspicious masam in which the creation of the universe has started.

In Chaitra month, the fifteen days in Shukla paksha (first fortnight / first half of the month) are dedicated to fifteen gods or deities. Each day of Chaitra month is dedicated to each God. People worship a God on each day.

The Gods to worship on each day in Chaitra month

Chaitra Prathami / Padyami  – Lord Brahma

Chaitra Dwithiya/ Vidiya – Goddess Uma, Lord Shiva, Agni (God of fire)

Chaitra Thrithiya/ Thadiya – Goddess Gauri and Lord Shiva

Chaitra Chavithi/ Chaturthi – Lord Ganesh

Chaitra Panchami – Lord Nagendra

Chaitra Sashti – Lord Karthikeya (Skanda/ Kumara Swamy/ Lord Muruga)

Chaitra Sapthami – Sun God (Surya Deva)

Chaitra Astami – Mathru Devatas (Parents)

Chaitra Navami – Goddess Mahishasura Mardhini

Chaitra Dashami – DharmaRaju (Yudhistira)

Chaitra Ekadashi – Maharshis

Chaitra Dwadashi – Lord Sri Maha Vishnu

Chaitra Trayodashi – Lord Kama Deva (God of Love)

Chaitra Chaturdasi – Lord Shiva

Chaitra Purnima – Lord Indra and his consort Shachi Devi

Worshipping above mentioned Gods on each day of Chaitra month brings the blessings of every God and removes sins of devotees. The devotees who perform the poojas and rituals of Chaitra masam will be blessed with a good health and wealth.

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