Can a person have more than one Guru?



Can a person have more than one Guru? This is a doubt raised by a devotee at the Satsang of Art of Living’s Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji. Let’s read the explanation from Guruji in his own words..

One itself is very difficult to handle.

If you have been on some other path with some Guru, know that it is their blessings only that has brought you here today. So thank them. It is because of them only that you took one step and you came here.

Now if you ask me about technique, I would say we should not mix techniques. Like you are doing Kriya and then you start doing something else also, then it will all become a mess. So, you were doing one thing, you have finished that and now you are doing this. Now you should put your 100% and just do this.

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