Budhashtami Vrata 2010 – Budha Ashtami Puja

Budhashtami Puja, or also spelt as Budh Ashtami is a vrata dedicated to Goddess Parvati, observed on every Ashtami day that falls on Budhvar or Wednesday. In 2010, Budhastami dates are – 21st April, 1st September, and 15th September. Budhashtami may fall either in Shukla Paksha or Krishna Pakshna in a month. Devotees observe fasting on Budhashtami and worship Goddess Parvati for wellbeing and prosperity.

Budhastami vrata is also performed by those who have Budha graham dosham to pacify the effect of Budha grah on their future. In 2010, Sri Krishna Janmashtami falls on (1st September, 2010) Wednesday hence it is very significant and meritorious to perform the Budhashtami vrata on that day.

Budhashtami 2010 dates and time:

  • Budhashtami in April 2010 – 21st April – Ashtami will overlap on 22nd till morning 8:36
  • Budhastami in September 2010 – 1st September – Ashtami will overlap on 2nd morning 6:10 am
  • Budhashtami in September 2010 – 15th September till night 4.48 am

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