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BiggaJi Jakhar

BiggaJi Jakhar

BiggaJi Jakhar (1301 – 1336) is a village god in Rajasthan. During his period, he ruled a portion of Rajasthan, in a prosperous manner. Biggaji got married, and he had five children.
He preached the importance of Hindu religion amongst the people, and he considered cow as the holy mother, and looked after it properly. He also protected the cows from the Muslim soldiers. He bought old aged cows at his own cost from various places, and he had taken care of them like his own mother. He is considered to be one of the best Yadava friends of Lord Krishna during the Dwaparayuga.

He was a great warrior king, and he was killed in the year 1336 by some Muslim soldiers. A shrine was built at the place where he was killed. Every year, during festival season, large number of devotees would visit and worship his holy shrine situated at a village in Rajasthan.
Still now, Village people in Rajasthan used to keep his name for their cows, in order to make them to grow in a healthier manner.

He also used to give wonderful teachings to his village people and made them to get enlightened.


1. Whenever you reach the battle field, your concentration must be only on fighting with your enemies.

2. Victories and defeats are common in the battle field, and we have to treat it in a similar manner.

3. At the time of your death in the battle field, don’t think about anything on your mind, expect our sweet Lord Krishna, and keep chanting his names until your death.

4. You have to be always ready to shed your blood, in order to save your nation.

5. By attaining a heroic death at the battle field, the gates of heaven would be kept open for you.

6. Consider your people as the lovable deities, and provide all sorts of comforts to them.

7. Don’t think too much in your life, since our life is too short, and at any time, anything may happen to us.

8. Even after my death, I would rise from my ashes similar to the Phoenix bird, in order to safeguard the entire people in the world.

9. Whoever prays to me wholeheartedly in my Samadhi shrine would be blessed and protected by me for ever in their life.


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